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about us

innovative Ideas, sustainable
designs that Impact poverty in Rural Communities

Aboulay Enterprise turns ideas into Sustainable wealth creation instruments that empower the masses.
Aboulay Enterprise's vision is egalitarian mass participation and benefits by profit-sharing to impact poverty. To achieve these visions the following are used:
(1) Cooperatives are the mainstream engine of growth and development.
(2) Cooperatives have self-governing Boards of Trustees charged with managing the finances of the cooperative in simple ethical accountable and transparent method.
(3) Provide the capacity and platform for Enterprise and skills development for members of the Cooperatives.
(4) Assure and ensure Gender parity and use of the energies of innovation of the Youths in a country where eight out of every ten persons are under the age of thirty-five.
(5) Grassroots Innovative interactions to Instigate modernisation of and value addition to Traditional goods and services, and especially for food and health goods.

we build your idea in reality

At Aboulay we believe and enshrine the efficacy of the power of mind over matter and thus we appreciate every Idea and review and research on each to move innovation forward.
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what we do

Agricultural Projects design

Aboulay identifies, conduct feasibility and design sustainable plans for Agricultural and Agro-industry production of the diverse species of crops of economic value in Sierra Leone.

We instigate and ensure Projects implementations on a scale and sustainability model that impacts poverty in the Rural communities.

We ensure we undertake technical and fiscal resources assessments and take initiative to mobilise these resources to input into the project which we participate as Principal partners to manage.

These Agricultural and Agro industrial projects are the main intervention for growth and development as it is a way ot fast track food production, provide an economic livelihood for the mass of the Rural population as well as trigger economic growth if a sustainable Theory of change that can be scaled across the nation is implemented.

Traditional SME Development

Aboulay types of research and do the due diligence of small-scale traditional industries in rural communities with a view to empowering them to be value chain participants in the economy as well as impact agents of poverty alleviation.

There are several economically viable small scale traditional industries which now suffer neglect but which are multimillion industries left undeveloped from ignorance of the proper technical and management needs and inputs.

These are under the purview of Aboulay Enterprise projects development and application of the Theory of Change of sustainable interventions to impact poverty.

Electrification,Housing and Rural infrastructure Design

Power, water and housing are key components to settlements and internal migration reversals. Agriculture and other traditional industrial activities can only be sustainable if the physical environment is made comfortable. otherwise, there will be no migration to but from areas lacking these infrastructures and services.

These are the factor of and for rural to urban migration as they are the foundation for efficient and sustainable economic activites .

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Aboulay collaborates with the ScanAfrik Investments an International Consultant and Funds Mobiliser firm and ScanAfrik Forbundet registered in the Kingdoms of Norway.

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M.Boye Jallo Jamboria Consultant & CEO ScanAfrik Investments

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