Aboulay Rural Community Development SL Ltd
We build from the Bottom upwards!
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Mapotolon Community
Mapotolon Rural Community Development Cooperative Ltd
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Swamplands in Mapotolon Community
Fertile self-replenishing swamplands in Mapotolon, Samu Chiefdom
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About ARCDC Ltd

The Aboulay Rural Community Development Company Sierra Leone Ltd is registered as a Limited Liability Corporate entity to Operate in the Republic of Sierra Leone.

The Company is a Rural Development for-profit business which engages in cultural and economic activities of economic in Rural Communities in Sierra Leone.

Our Vision

the Sustainable Development Goals.(SDGs)

These Core Principles are several but include the following:

  • Interventions that impact poverty at the grassroots.
  • Interventions that can be scaled and sustainable.
  • interventions that affect the rest of the SDGs.

  • Mapotolon Rural Community Development Cooperative Ltd

    The Mapotoon Rural Community Cooperative Ltd is registered as a Cooperative company in the Samu Chiefdom, Kambia District. The Cooperative is a major agricultural and social Enterprise. The Cooperative is a community based with Trust Fund managed by a Board of Trustees.

    Mapotolon Rural Community Cooperative company develops community-centred projects to ensure sustainable Rural Development. The model of investment and reinvestment is secured by the Trust Fund which assures the cooperative of local equity.

    Mapotolon Rural Community Cooperative also believes in a staged approach to Rural Development. Projects are modelled to be scaled from pilot to Production and profit-making for the community.

    Our Projects




    Rural Electrification