We Redesign the future of Cooperatives and Rural Development

The Aboulay Social Enterprise Ltd has a bottom-top model that uses Cooperatives with Trust Fund equities to Impact Poverty.

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the vision of aboulay enterprise

.The Aboulay Community Rural Development Company Ltd, which for short is henceforth referred to as the Aboulay Social Enterprise Ltd, is registered in the Republic of Sierra Leone as a limited Liability Corporate Person.

Aboulay has a vision of Bottom-Top Development through Rural Development initiatives that are organised on the Self Help collective model of Cooperatives with an emphasis on equity development through established Trust Funds in each of the sectoral cooperatives.

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designs to impact Poverty and implement the SDGs

Aboulay's vision is focused on Rural Development initiatives that subscribe to the core principles of Change that impact poverty and provide a platform for scalability and sustainability that are cost-effective and growth-oriented.

The Aboulay concept provides a Theory of Change that addresses the key SDGs which is also scalable in the sense that it can be applied across sectoral the socio-economic spectra of Agriculture, Agro-Industry, Education and Health services provision in Rural communities through a communal Cooperatives that have fiscal management that is safe and sustainable.

Our Vision and Focus

Agriculture & Agro-Industry

Aboulay's primary interventions are focused on Innovative management and sustenance of agriculture and Agro-Industrial production.

Agruculture in Sierra lOne like most other sectors has struggled over the decades following the period of organised state owned produce and foods institutions like the Sierra Leone Cooperative Society and the Sierra Leone Produce Marketing Board that was constituted to buy and export cash crops.

The challenges large-scale agriculture faces have never been fully researched or addressed since Independence. The challenges have come mostly from cultural and political structures and limitations these impose on large scale sustainable argo production

Traditional Small-Scale Industry

Aboulay as a Rural community Development Corporate person believes that Traditional Cottage industries are very important SME growth instigators.Aboulay also believes that traditional industries are not only economic value additions to wealth creation, but that they are ecosystems to be used to promote environmental and climate controls for a greener earth.

Thus it is part of the vision to reinstitute traditional small-scale industries as ancillary and collaborative economic sectors along with the development of Agriculture and Agro industries.

In the quest to promote these traditional industries there shall be an R&D component to investigate and promote the development of earth-friendly materials to replace already overburdened earth of plastics and such materials hard to detetiorate

Rural mini hydro
Rural Housing and Electrification

Rural electrification and Housing at two key growth and development-instigating services that Africa is yet to harness.Of course of late, there are myriad efforts to provide quick fixes via solar energy. Solar as it is only powered by homes and is limited where Agro and other industrial activities need power. Also in as much as solar provides clean power yet, there are environmental dangers after the lifespan of the panels and batteries.

Further solar as it needs periodic changes of cells, batteries etc which makes it less cost-effective in the medium and long term.

At Aboulay we subscribe to and undertake initiatives to develop sustainable and long-term Rural Mini and Micro Hydro projects which do not only impact rural poverty by providing the power of Industry but also subscribe to the protection of the Environment as an ecosystem connected to the maintenance of the power supply.

Within our housing development component we use earth and other locally available materials to assure affordable cost-effective houses for rural communities.

we build ideas into Scalable and Sustainable reality

At Aboulay we build from bottom to Top by practically implementing a Cooperative model designed to impact Poverty and sustainably to the performance of the SGDs.
The Aboulay Concept is all about Poverty Alleviation and instigation of a Scalable and Sustainable model of Community development that targets Rural communities.

Aboulay Concept is designed to impact the three key areas of neglect in the Development planning processes of Sierra Leone, which has led to mass urban migration and poverty. These key areas are Agriculture, Education for Appropriate skills and Rural Infrastructure development.

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M.Boye Jallo Jamboria Consultant & CEO ScanAfrik Investments

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Prince Shar Ngekia CEO and Projects Manager

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Abass Saidu Dumbuya Board of Director